Google Certified là gì?

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Chứng chỉ Google Certified có giá trị lớn trong ngành công nghệ và marketing số hiện nay. Được Google công nhận, nó chứng minh rằng cá nhân hoặc doanh nghiệp đã đạt được một mức độ chuyên môn cao và có kiến thức sâu về các sản phẩm và dịch vụ của Google.

Chứng chỉ Google – Google Certified là gì?

Google Certified là thuật ngữ dùng để chỉ những cá nhân hoặc doanh nghiệp đã hoàn thành thành công các chương trình chứng chỉ của Google và đã thể hiện sự thành thạo trong việc sử dụng các sản phẩm hoặc dịch vụ cụ thể của Google.

Một số khoá học có chứng chỉ Google miễn phí:

Việc có chứng chỉ này không chỉ giúp cá nhân nâng cao khả năng làm việc và cạnh tranh trong lĩnh vực của mình, mà còn mang lại sự tin tưởng và đánh giá tích cực từ phía khách hàng và nhà tuyển dụng. Ngoài ra, chứng chỉ Google Certified cũng mở ra nhiều cơ hội việc làm và thăng tiến trong ngành công nghệ và marketing số, vì nó được coi là một tiêu chuẩn quan trọng để đánh giá và xác nhận kỹ năng và hiểu biết của cá nhân trong lĩnh vực này.

Nếu bạn muốn lấy chứng chỉ Google uy tín thì có thể tham gia các khoá học trên

Chi tiết bạn có thể tham khảo ở 2 bài viết sau (rất chi tiết):

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Chứng nhận nghề nghiệp của Google

Mình sẽ tập hợp và giới thiệu một số khoá học hay, hỗ trợ lấy các chứng chỉ khó/chứng chỉ công nghệ từ Google dưới đây.

Google Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Master ML Algorithms, Data Modeling, TensorFlow & Google Cloud AI/ML Services. 137 Questions, Answers with Explanations. Source:

Google Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer
Google Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer free

16.5 hours on-demand video
13 downloadable resources
Access on mobile and TV
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion

  • “Framing ML problems
  • Architecting ML solutions
  • Designing data preparation and processing systems
  • Developing ML models
  • Automating and orchestrating ML pipelines
  • Monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining ML solutions


  • Some prior experience with Google Cloud and Machine Learning will help. Also if you are already certified with Google Professional Data Engineer that will help you greatly.


  • Translate business challenges into ML use cases
  • Choose the optimal solution (ML vs non-ML, custom vs pre-packaged)
  • Define how the model output should solve the business problem
  • Identify data sources (available vs ideal)
  • Define ML problems (problem type, outcome of predictions, input and output formats)
  • Define business success criteria (alignment of ML metrics, key results)
  • Identify risks to ML solutions (assess business impact, ML solution readiness, data readiness)
  • Design reliable, scalable, and available ML solutions
  • Choose appropriate ML services and components
  • Design data exploration/analysis, feature engineering, logging/management, automation, orchestration, monitoring, and serving strategies
  • Evaluate Google Cloud hardware options (CPU, GPU, TPU, edge devices)
  • Design architectures that comply with security concerns across sectors
  • Explore data (visualization, statistical fundamentals, data quality, data constraints)
  • Build data pipelines (organize and optimize datasets, handle missing data and outliers, prevent data leakage)
  • Create input features (ensure data pre-processing consistency, encode structured data, manage feature selection, handle class imbalance, use transformations)
  • Build models (choose framework, interpretability, transfer learning, data augmentation, semi-supervised learning, manage overfitting/underfitting)
  • Train models (ingest various file types, manage training environments, tune hyperparameters, track training metrics)
  • Test models (conduct unit tests, compare model performance, leverage Vertex AI for model explainability)
  • Scale model training and serving (distribute training, scale prediction service)
  • Design and implement training pipelines (identify components, manage orchestration framework, devise hybrid or multicloud strategies, use TFX components)
  • Implement serving pipelines (manage serving options, test for target performance, configure schedules)
  • Track and audit metadata (organize and track experiments, manage model/dataset versioning, understand model/dataset lineage)
  • Monitor and troubleshoot ML solutions (measure performance, log strategies, establish continuous evaluation metrics)
  • Tune performance for training and serving in production (optimize input pipeline, employ simplification techniques)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to get Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer


Source: #udemy

Link đăng ký miễn phí vĩnh viễn dành cho 120 đăng ký đầu tiên trong hôm nay (free for 120 enrolls today) 01.7.2023:

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer (PDE) Practice Exams. Crack the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam – Harness Data Engineering Skills for Efficient Cloud Solutions!


Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer (PDE) Practice Exams
Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer (PDE) Practice Exams free Source:

This course is a dedicated learning resource aimed at individuals preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification exam or those expecting to sit for job interviews requiring extensive knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The course comprises a series of exhaustive practice exams that simulate the format and complexity of questions in the actual certification exam, thereby allowing learners to gauge their comprehension of GCP and experience conditions similar to the actual exam.

Each practice exam traverses a wide range of GCP topics, starting from foundational principles such as designing and building data processing systems and operationalizing machine learning models, to more intricate aspects like ensuring solution quality and managing data security and compliance. The questions are designed to probe both theoretical understanding and practical proficiency in engineering data solutions using GCP.

Upon completion of each exam, learners receive detailed explanations and solutions for every question, which enhances their learning journey and reinforces critical concepts. The course is designed for learners to attempt each exam multiple times, which facilitates progress tracking and identification of areas needing more focus.

The “Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer (PDE) Practice Exams” course is a vital tool for anyone gearing up for a GCP certification exam or a job interview. It efficiently pinpoints areas of strength and those that need further study. A robust understanding of GCP and data engineering principles is recommended for optimal learning outcomes.

Google Cloud Platform – Unleash the Potential of Cloud Innovation!

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google, providing a robust and scalable infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. It offers a wide range of cloud-based services, including computing, storage, networking, databases, machine learning, and analytics.

With Google Cloud Platform, businesses and developers can leverage the power of Google’s global infrastructure to build and run applications with high performance, reliability, and security. GCP provides a flexible and pay-as-you-go pricing model, enabling organizations to scale their resources up or down based on demand, optimizing cost efficiency.

GCP offers a comprehensive set of tools and services to support various application development and deployment needs. It provides infrastructure services like virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing, allowing developers to choose the most suitable environment for their applications.

Additionally, Google Cloud Platform incorporates advanced technologies such as BigQuery for big data analytics, AI and machine learning services through TensorFlow and AutoML, and extensive APIs for integrating with other Google services. GCP also provides tools for monitoring, logging, and managing applications, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.

Furthermore, GCP emphasizes security and compliance, implementing robust measures to protect data and ensure regulatory compliance. It offers advanced security features, data encryption, identity management, and fine-grained access controls.

Overall, Google Cloud Platform empowers organizations to build scalable and innovative applications, leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities, and benefit from the reliable and secure infrastructure of Google’s global network.

About the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer exam:

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Registration fee: $200 (plus tax where applicable)
  • Languages: English, Japanese
  • Format: 50-60 multiple choice and multiple select questions
  • Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud.
  • Exam Delivery Method: the online-proctored exam from a remote location or the onsite-proctored exam at a testing center

The Professional Data Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • Designing data processing systems
  • Building and operationalizing data processing systems
  • Operationalizing machine learning models
  • Ensuring solution quality

Exam guide:

  • Designing data processing systems
    • Selecting the appropriate storage technologies
    • Designing data pipelines.
    • Designing a data processing solution
    • Migrating data warehousing and data processing
  • Building and operationalizing data processing systems
    • Building and operationalizing storage systems
    • Building and operationalizing pipelines
    • Building and operationalizing processing infrastructure
  • Operationalizing machine learning models
    • Leveraging pre-built ML models as a service
    • Deploying an ML pipeline
    • Choosing the appropriate training and serving infrastructure
    • Measuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting machine learning models.
  • Ensuring solution quality
    • Designing for security and compliance
    • Ensuring scalability and efficiency
    • Ensuring reliability and fidelity
    • Ensuring flexibility and portability”


Link đăng ký miễn phí vĩnh viễn dành cho 120 đăng ký đầu tiên trong hôm nay (free for 120 enrolls today), 23.7.2023:

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

Master Course : Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect. Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer, Google Cloud Associate, GCP, Test


 Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect
Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

What you’ll learn

  • Learning the Introduction and importance of Google Cloud & Cloud Architect
  • Overview of Designing and Planning a Cloud Solution Architecture: Meeting Business Requirements with Efficiency and Precision
  • Analze A Comprehensive discussion to Managing and Provisioning Solution Infrastructure
  • Learning the designing Secure and Compliant Solutions in the Cloud: Best Practices and Considerations
  • Particpating the Practice test and Understanding the answers to develop your knowledge.

Google Cloud – Professional Cloud Architect Certification: A Path to Mastering Cloud Architecture

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, cloud computing has emerged as a pivotal force in transforming how businesses operate. As more organizations embrace cloud solutions for their diverse needs, the demand for skilled cloud professionals has skyrocketed. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has solidified its position as a leading player in the cloud services arena, and achieving the Professional Cloud Architect certification can open doors to exciting career opportunities. In this master course we will explore the significance of the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification, its benefits, and the steps to achieve this esteemed credential.

The Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification is an excellent investment in your career, validating your cloud architecture skills and opening doors to exciting opportunities in the cloud computing domain. By acquiring this certification, you showcase your expertise in designing, managing, and optimizing cloud solutions on Google Cloud Platform, making you a valuable asset for any organization embarking on a cloud transformation journey.”


Link đăng ký miễn phí vĩnh viễn dành cho 120 đăng ký đầu tiên trong hôm nay (free for 120 enrolls today), 24.7.2023:


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